Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dingoo-Digital A320 Support Files

Hope you like the Dingoo Digital A320 as much as we like providing the community with a way to buy it and supporting it....

As with all third party software or emulators there is no warranty or guarantee they will work and we take no liability if them damage your system.

We would also like to take the time to advise you if you don't physically own the cartridge or disc then emulation of copyrighted material is illegal and you do this at your own risk will not be liable.

There are numerous Public Domain / Open Source / Freeware / Shareware roms and software on the web for you to be able to play and emulate to your hearts content without being illegal.

Help Documents for Everything You will need to ask on Your Dingoo A320

(Things change so often it’s really hard to keep up with community based emulators so some may not be listed in the faq above…)
New Unbricker-Flash Utility

(Used to fix Blue Screen and Red Screen UNAUTHORIZED also used to flash unbrick all A320’s)

FIX For HK Models
(This will fix those HK models that won't play Native and Community Based Apps and Emulators)

HK Model FIX (MegaUpload)

HK Model FIX (FileFront)

Dingoo Digital A320 Emulators

(This is contains all known Native and Community based emulators)

Dingoo Digital A320 System Recovery

(This contains all known community and native based apps and emulators)

If your not using a custom firmware like ours just go into the internal memory and delete the folder called "System".

This means if you own a system with the factory firmware like 1.1 under about the system on your A320 menu.

The "System" folder must be deleted as it does you no good and takes up space on your internal memory.

Let it extract to your Dingoo A320 Internal Flash memory and it will set everything to default original status. Recovery files:

Testing Application fro D-Pad and Buttons on Dingoo A320
Dingux Installation Instructions and Installation Files
(This will void your warranty with Once this is main stream and more bug free we will release a version which will be under warranty.)
If you need any other assistance don't hesitate to e-mail us at our support e-mail:


  1. Please a mirror: rapidshare, 4shared, mediafire, anyone.

    Megaupload has a anoyining download limit.

  2. Huh never had a limit before at all with them rapidshare on the other hand does have a limit... Media fire and Megaupload are the only ones with out limits just have to wait the 60 secs to download....

  3. hi system recovery link no longer works, please could you repost

  4. I've already spoken with a customer service representative which is probable from Dingoo USA's inbound call center. I asked her how to install Dingux. When I took a look at the file you've shared, I realized that it's the same thing that she shared. Sorry, I'm not much of a tech adept. I'm really new to this gadget. Thanks for sharing these manuals! They'll come in handy for sure.