Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stickers Ok here we go sticker time

Welp here are the first set of eleven stickers for sale hopefully you like them and will buy them they are in the order they will sell in. At first we are just going to have one pic up and you will have to come here to see the actual sticker number you want to order.

I think to start off and get a good idea of where we stand we will just take orders via e-mail and then direct you were to place payment as we don't know how these will sell and I don't want to put out lots of money and be stuck with stock I can't sell. So if your interested in a sticker please e-mail us at sales@dingoo-digital-usa.com with sticker purchase in the subject line. In the e-mail put your name and address and what sticker you are ordering along with how many. I will e-mail you back with payment methods and other information as needed...

Sticker 001

Sticker 002

Sticker 003

Sticker 004

Sticker 005

Sticker 006

Sticker 007

Sticker 008

Sticker 009

Sticker 010

Sticker 011

These stickers are in short quantity and custom made so at time there maybe a delay in filling your orders of maybe a three to four days after you make an order till we get into full mass production and see what sells best. Hope you understand and like the stickers so far...


  1. I think to start off we will make this special order and not place it as an item for sell on the website. So e-mail me at sales@dingoo-digital-usa.com and I will direct you how to make payment and take down your shipping information. Once we figure out what sells and doesn't sell we will then post the final 10 to 20 stickers we will sell...

  2. Since you are custom-making these, would it be possible to send you an image of our own? I'd love to customize one!

  3. Yes that would be fine there would be an extra charge for it being made differently then the ones that already picked as normal stock so instead of $12.95 it would be $15.95 and you would take an resposability for copyrighted material used as you designed the image etc.

  4. Sounds great! What's the procedure? Do you have any specs? If not, I can send a front and back image that is sized for it. Let me know what works best for you...

  5. just follow the current pictures I have up as specs. then e-mail me at sales@dingoo-digital-usa.com

  6. The front sticker should be designed at 2.25" tall by 5" wide. This is a little bigger than the actual size so remember that the edges will get cut off about 1/8 of an inch all the way around so if there are any objects you want to be seen, make sure they are far enough in. Remember that there is the screen and buttons that will be blocked out so anything in these areas will not be seen.

    The back sticker should be designed at 2.125" tall x 4.75" wide. Once again this is a little bigger so the edges will be cut off by about 1/8 of an inch all the way around. The back has nothing that will be blocked so it is a wide open space.

    JPEGS are the best format. The DPI should be set at 300.

    Hopefully this helps.